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BA01: 3-Day Residential Monochrome Workshop with 4-nights B&B

Location: Bideford, North Devon

Date: TBA

Explore monochrome imaging in three distinct areas over three consecutive days:

  • Wet Collodion process: One of the earliest photographic processes from the 1850's

  • Digital capture: Use your digital camera to capture B&W, then learn how to edit and print

  • Bideford Black: A unique matt black pigment extracted from the local cliffs

Wet Collodion Process

Wet plate collodion photography was invented in 1851, one of the first photographic processes. Large wooden bellowed cameras were used to make images onto plates of clear glass. Each plate may take up to 30 minutes to make, with exposure times varying from seconds to minutes. The chemicals must be applied, exposed upon and developed whilst wet, requiring the need for darkroom facilities to be present wherever and the image is to made. This method of photography was used by early pioneering photographers Julia Margaret Cameron, Roger Fenton and Lewis Carol to name a few.

Your day with Stephen will allow you to be fully submersed in wet plate collodion photography. Learn all about the history, the cameras, lenses, chemicals, lighting and the development process itself. A hands on day making your own plates to take home.

Digital Capture, edit and Print

Digital imaging is ubiquitous these days but you may not have tried working in Black & White. Modern cameras make it so much easier to see and compose in Black & White.  Adrian spent his early years developing and printing in a Black & White darkroom but these days he uses his cameras to see and capture in Black & White.  He then applies his extensive knowledge of digital editing and printing to produce fine art Black & White prints.  Adrian is an Adobe Certified expert so he can help you improve your capture, editing and printing skills.

Your day with Adrian will include a half day capturing and a half day editing and printing.  You should bring your camera and a laptop/ipad to fully take part in this day.  You will be able to take home several A3 prints made on fine art papers using professional pigment printers.

Painting with Biddiblack pigment

Bideford Black was mined in the local area for several hundred years until it was finally replaced by cheaper chemically produced alternatives in the late 60's.  It has been used to protect wooden ships, camouflage WWII tanks and as a mascara.  Its anti-reflective properties are quite unusual and these days a few local artists, including Al Brown, enjoy working with it.


One of the best things a photographer can do to improve their photography is to take a painting course!

To paint requires an appreciation of composition, colour, form, texture, light and shade.  Even if you have never painted before, your day with Al will be filled with useful guidance that is transferrable to photography.

Your day with Al will start with a trip to the coast where you will actually find the raw material for your painting.  Al will help you to create your artwork while you learn about composition, painting and the history of Biddiblack.

Review Sessions

Each evening we will review the work from the day, before heading out to eat.  On the last evening we will be able to reflect on the week before relaxing.  We have built in an additional night B&B so we can all enjoy the final evening.

Included in the Workshop


You will spend a day with each tutor working in their discipline in a small group with a maximum of 3 clients 


A3 digital fine art prints, Glass plates & chemicals, Pigment ink and paper


4-Nights B&B on a single occupancy basis


Transport during the workshop as needed.  This will include a trip to collect Biddiblack and also an excursion for the digital photography session.


Not Included in the Workshop

  • Lunches and dinners are not included as diet and hunger vary so much!

  • Transport to and from the workshop is not included (but transport during the workshop is included)

  • Travel Insurance

  • Equipment Insurance - please make sure you are adequately insured for loss or damage to your equipment

Arrival and Departures


  • Day 1: Clients arrive by 4pm on the arrival day for introductions and to settle in

  • Days 2,3,4: Workshops with each leader

  • Day 4 evening final group review and evening meal

  • Day 5 depart after breakfast

Price £1495

(10% deposit required when booking.  Balance to be paid 4-weeks prior to workshop start date)

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