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About Black Arts

Black Arts are a small group of enthusiastic artists based in North Devon creating Monochromatic images. Their experience covers unique pigment paint, historic wet plate photography and the latest digital image making, editing and printing.  


Black Arts offers workshops designed to help with visualising and realising monochromatic images using a range of methods and technologies, old and new.

Stephen Raff

Stephen Raff is a visual artist, passionate and dedicated to the making of wet plate collodion photographs. Working on glass, Stephen creates unique, beautiful and ambiguous objects, embracing the serendipity of chemical flaws and imperfections. The process is slow and methodical and allows for a deeper, richer and more expressive experience. 


Adrian Beasley

Adrian shoots digital images in conventional and Infrared B&W using Mirrorless cameras.  He is an Adobe Certified Expert and teaches photo editing using Lightroom, Photoshop and other image editors.  He is an expert digital printer and leads workshops for many leading photographic and photo tour companies all over the UK.

Al Brown

Al is a prolific artist working in many media. In his landscapes he tries to capture the unique mood of North Devon with windswept trees, reflective wet sands and moody storm laden skies. In his pen and ink drawings and using his own preparation of Bideford Black pigment, he emphasises the contrast between light and dark enhancing their dramatic impact.

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